ARMOUR TARP Self-Adhesive Roof Tarps

Are you ready for Hurricane Season?

It’s been predicted by storm experts that 2023 will be the bearer of several major storms. If you suffer roof damage from a storm, just say “NO” to the blue tarps and give us a call for a fast and easy install of our ARMOUR TARP self-adhering roof tarps.

Quick, one-person installation

No tools are required, and no damage from nails or sandbags

Limited One-year warranty from UV deterioration


Hurricane or storm damage to your roof is a major disaster, and time is not on your side when it comes to getting your home or commercial business roof secured. Forget about constantly replacing or repairing the tattered blue tarps, and STOP further damage today!

Getting scheduled for a ARMOUR TARP Self-Adhering Roof Tarp is fast and easy! We work with your insurance company, allowing us to provide comprehensive, no-cost protection for your damaged roof — often installed within 72 hours of approval.

ARMOUR TARP Self-Adhering Roof Tarp

The ARMOUR TARP Self-Adhering Roof Tarp lives up to its name with its ability to adhere to any fixed roof surface without using any additional tools or supplies. Our self-adhering roof tarp has an incredibly strong proprietary adhesive strip around the entire perimeter and, when installed properly, provides a water-tight barrier.